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9 Things to Look For When Choosing a Web Design Agency

If you’re looking to commission a new website or redesign, how do you differentiate between the different agencies out there?

It’s not an easy task, but get it wrong and a badly conceived website can cost more money, drive away customers, and damage your reputation.

There are essentially two fundamental factors to consider:

1. Working relationship – You need to be confident that the working relationship with the agency is a good one. An enjoyable, productive experience is always favoured over a difficult and protracted one.

2. Results – You need to be sure that the agency you choose can deliver your message, achieving your optimum targeted results.

With these two fundamentals in mind, here’s what we think are the 9 main criteria you should look for when shopping for your web team:

1. Recommendations

A positive recommendation from a friend or colleague can carry so much weight in your decision process. If someone you know has had a great experience with a web agency, chances are you’ll have a similar experience too.

Ask around other businesses or friends to see who they’ve used.

2. Testimonials

Do they publish client testimonials? If they do, read them.

Remember, a company will only promote the best ones. But if a company are actively posting a good amount of feedback from satisfied clients, it should suggest that they have a reasonable collective of happy customers.

3. Knowledge

Many web agencies promote themselves by posting a few screenshots of recent websites, saying “Our work speaks for itself”.

Does a mere screenshot give you an insight into how the website was the correct solution for the customer? Are the screenshots accompanied with case studies that detail an understanding of the client’s message and how it was delivered. Have they documented the results?

Look for evidence that the agency not only knew what they were talking about, but were willing to share their knowledge openly.

4. Listening

A common issue that arises is this issue of listening or rather, of not listening. Has the agency really listened to your brief, needs and aspirations?

It is highly likely you know your business and sector better than they do. A web agency should not only listen carefully to your requirements, but should respect your knowledge of your business and market.

If you feel like the company are imposing pre-determined packages on you it may be time to walk away.

5. Benefits, not features

Many simply provide a list of services in the hope that if they have a long list somehow they’ll appear more worthy of your business.

We would recommend you steer well clear of agencies that only promote their services. Instead, look for companies that focus on the benefits they can provide for your business.

If the focus is how they can help you make more money, save more time or generate more leads we’d recommend going with them over the “we do web design too!” agencies.

6. Collaborative meetings

We would strongly recommend not to award your project to an agency without an initial face-to-face meeting. A meeting will help you get a feel for how important your project is to the team in question, and enable you to ascertain whether you can see yourself working with them.

An agency should discuss your requirements, needs and plans at least a few times in order to fully understand you’re objectives.

7. Detailed proposal

Try to avoid one page quotes, simply containing a price and not much else. Always request a detailed proposal.
A well written proposal should detail the agencies understanding of your unique requirements, as well as solid, targeted claims for how they hope to achieve your objectives.

8. The feel-good factor

So much of what we’ve already talked about comes back to whether you like the team you’re thinking of working with. We know from experience that website projects are far more likely to be successful if team members gel personally.

9. Their own website

What do you think about the agencies website? Their own website should be a good barometer to their ability and delivery.

Does the site detail quality case studies of past successes? Do you like their past work?

9 points to bear in mind when shopping for a web design agency.

Finding The Perfect Web Design Agency

Before you start on your search for the perfect web design agency, it is important to have a clear idea of what your goal for your web site will be. Based on your goals, you will be able to better focus on the individual qualities and characteristics that various web design agencies bring to the table.

In general, there are four basic business objectives that creating a website can accomplish. These include:

Gain new customers and retain old ones

Sell products to new target markets

Reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative duties you have to perform

Increase the awareness of your product

More than likely, you hope to have a website that can accomplish all of these tasks. Nonetheless, you will likely have one area that is of particular importance to you. While this may change as your company changes and your customer base expands, you need to go into the planning of your website with clear objectives.

Once you have determined the main purpose of your website, you can then set out to find a web design agency that can best help you meet those goals. Believe it or not, you might not always select the same web design agency to work with for your business. As your business goals change, you might find it better to utilize the talents of a different web design agency that has more experience with that particular area of business and web design.

Regardless of the web design agency you select, the better understanding you have of what you are looking for, the more smoothly the web design process will go. Of course, you may not have the exact details of the design created in your mind. After all, that is part of why you are hiring a professional to help you with the job. At the same time, you should take the time to sit down and chat with the professional about your goals and about the general philosophy of your business. That way, you will be sure to have a great site up that reflects your business in as short of time as possible.

Got an Idea for a Website? A Web Design Agency Can Help

You may have a great idea for a website on paper but it is a different matter to actually make it into a functioning website. A web design agency will be able to work alongside you throughout the project and help ensure that you end up with exactly the type of site that you had in mind.

Regardless of whether it is an ecommerce website, informative site or any other type of website that you’re seeking to create, it is important to have a skilled team of web design professionals to assist you. A web agency will normally have a number of professionals who are knowledgeable in different facets of website design and who will work together to manufacture the perfect website for their client’s requirements.

There are all sorts of tangible benefits that will come from utilising the services of a web design agency. They will be completely up to speed with all the latest goings-on in the world of website design and can offer their advice on expertise on how to progress your website and make it as functional and attractive as possible. Needless to say, it isn’t a good idea to work with a web agency that promises you the world for little expenditure or who can’t showcase their previous work to your satisfaction.

There are a number of web agencies to pick from and more and more start up businesses and national companies alike are turning to a northern based web design agency because you will ordinarily get just the same level of finished product that a London digital agency will supply but for considerably less cost. A web design agency is only as good as its employees, so make sure the digital agency that you choose has professionals on staff who are highly skilled and qualified.

A website really can make all the difference to a business model and a well designed and highly functional site is much more likely to make conversions and retain visitors on the site. In order to achieve a website like this, you should seek out the services of a web design agency that comes well recommended or which can show the calibre of their work via their portfolio of previous clients.